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Information Governance Training with a difference

Enhancing creative learning pathways for you and your company.


Our Training Courses

No more "Death by PowerPoint"

Our training methods have been researched and are based on the psychology of teaching and how people learn. Did you know that 60% percent of the population are visual learners?  

Our CEO Jacqueline is dyslexic, and she wanted to build in the populations learning styles as well as the way she learns into the training methods of the company. This means at LTD we avoid heavy text on slides, but instead use pictures to relate to topics. After all, how are you able to listen to the trainer, read all the text presented to you and retain all that information at the same time? Simple, remove one element; the text on the slide, and replace with pictures! Visual images are more engaging and have a greater impact than the written word? Therefore, you are more likely to remember the picture and recall the teaching point.

At LTD we focus on group discussion where learners will retain 50% of the information provided, 75% when they are able to complete the task themselves and 90% when teaching someone else. We take all these concepts and bring them in to our training room, where we teach you in a fun, informative and innovate way.

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Creative & Fun
Training Packages

Our consultants and trainers combined have 80 years experience working in IG in the Health and Social Care and the police service.

Always Available
Follow on Support

We offer 4 weeks follow on support after your training has finished, but you need to book this in advance, as we are always here to help along the way.

Professional & Affordable

Our consultants provide forward thinking solutions which cover: Data Protection Compliance programs, Privacy by Design approach, support for new IG managers and Officers, Information sharing, FOI requests, Medical Records and individual Rights.

Proud to be a CPD accredited provider

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Proud to be an approved training partner  

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A bit about us.

LTD is a leading expert in information governance training and consultancy. We have over 100 years of combined experience working applying all things data protection. The company is built on the importance of leadership, passion for all things information governance, data protection and creativity. We translate legislation into easy understandable language, which can be applied in every working practice. We believe that there is always a need for legislation, policies and procedures, however they don’t have to be 100 pages long which no one has ever read.

The essence of LTD is making everyone understand the importance of information governance in a simple, fun and memorable way. We work in all sectors from public sectors, small start up company's and multinational organisations, supporting their Information Governance and Data Protection compliance.

Our training courses are interactive, fun and avoid death by PowerPoint and are affordable. We hold external courses in London, Manchester and Cardiff or can tailor make the right course for you at place of work.

Our consultancy services provide forward thinking solutions to cover all areas of Information Governance.
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Freedom of Information Requests (2017)

Registered Senior Information Risk Owners

Registered Caldicott Guardian

Registered Information Asset Owners

Some Of Our Clients

Feedback we received

  • "I would recommend LTD for further training courses"

    Information Governance Manager - NHS Foundation Trust
  • "Great way to learn, it was fun!"

    Records Manager - Charity
  • "I found the course to be highly informative and I am certainly going away with so many productive action points"

    Head of Information Governance
  • "Enjoyed the exercises made me think rather than just listening to reems of information"

    Information Manager - Education Sector
  • "The course was delivered very well. Made the content easy to understand - helped having interactive activities"

    Data Protection Officer

We offer a course on #DataEthics. Check out our overview on our website here: - This course is with our trainer @IGrobrien

Our next dates are: 8th Oct (London) and 19th Nov (Manc)
£425 per delegate.

Join us next month for #IRMSHour to discuss GDPR Article 30 ROPA

2nd October 8-9pm UK time

We will have another guest expert who will be announced soon! #ROPA #GDPR #records #processing #data

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