How do you get into the world of Information Governance

Knowing I was going to be made redundant set me on the path to find something different, a new chapter, a new challenge, something to get my teeth into.

I fell on my feet and now find myself working with Jaki & Laura @ Leadership Through Data who are so passionate about Information Governance that they want to cut through, what I can only say appears to be a lot of legal jargon and develop training courses to help support people in their everyday jobs !  Cool, right !

I went on our Information Governance course, delivered by Barry Moult who is a legend in this new world and boy the course content blew me away. You guys doing that job have so much to know about how can you possibly not need to keep attending training courses, seems to me that the goal posts keep getting moved. DPA18 and GDPR all these acronyms !

Another great thing about our courses they are all CPD accredited !

It’s my fourth week working in the LTD office and I’m really enjoying all the daily challenges that come with a new job but with each day I hear about yet another course and another acronym and instead of feeling overwhelmed it really excites me knowing there is so much to learn and I know that whilst I’m not going to know everything anytime soon I know that I’m in the best place to learn ‘ All You Need to Know’ about Informationa Governance !

We have a number of trainers and I’m looking forward to going on Emilys’ (RM Girl) Records Management and Records Management Deep Dive courses in April, (Deep Dive that made me smile when I first saw it but wow how much do you all have to know ? How many years does it take to learn all this stuff ?

Before my RM course I am up to the NEC for the Dementia Show and then in May off to the IRMS Conference at the Celtic Manor in Wales (my husband is so jealous !)

As you can see I have so much to look forward to. So much to learn and so many of you to meet. If you do come across me anywhere please be gentle


Sue MclauchlanSue Mclauchlan

Sue Mclauchlan

Sue is bringing a wealth of work experience to LTD having worked for over 15 years in investment banking as a trader before having a family and more recently 8 years in a retail buying office. Sue is hot on organisation and attention to detail and she believes these skills will aid her as she develops the office operation at LTD.