All you need to know; Records Management – Client Testimonial

Client Testimonial; All you need to know; Records Management course. 

"Training with Leadership Through Data was a real joy. I’ve been to a number of courses and talks during my career in RM, and people can take a nerdy subject and make it even more dry. Emily, however, really brought RM to life for me. The course was engaging, interactive and practical. I felt like I was part of a group, part of a conversation, working towards solving a shared problem. She also made complex ideas easy to understand.

LTD’s training is relaxed, and fun. I felt like I was talking to a real person about challenges in my organisation, rather than listening to someone read from a list. Emily was happy to tailor the course to our real-world challenges, and answer questions throughout with answers based on examples of things she had actually done in her career. She was incredibly knowledgeable about both international standards and pragmatic solutions!

My favourite parts were the group scenarios and little puzzles we worked through. It felt like a lot of thought had gone into creating exercises which would appeal to different people, but I could easily apply them to thinking about my own work problems.

Definitely a course worth taking if you want to be guided to a better understanding in a lively way, rather than just attend a boring lecture!"

Upcoming course dates for Records Management and Records Management Deep Dive. 

Manchester         14/05/2019 & 15/05/2019

Cardiff                   04/06/2019 & 05/06/2019

London                 18/07/2019 & 19/07/2019 

So don't delay, book today and be trained the LTD way! 


Jacqueline StockwellJacqueline Stockwell

Jacqueline Stockwell

Jacqueline is highly qualified with an MSC in Healthcare Management, BA Hons in Business Management, and holds a BSC Certificate in Freedom of Information and a Data Protection qualification.