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The below article by Jeff Bezos is brilliant, I am so pleased that a big company is now moving away from power point.
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Power point, is such a boring way to learn and whilst it has it purposes, in some situations, there are other visual methods you can use when training. Children learn through fun and play, so why cant adults still learn the same way. I have been on so many courses that have overloaded the sessions with death by power point, and the practical elements are missed due to the high volume of slides to get through. Text heavy, with articles and recitals being read out from original text, which can bore many people and makes them switch off. Whilst you do need to know these elements you should be looking at data protection and information governance on the  implementation side, helping with the practical not just the theory.
Since starting LTD we have tried several systems, to avoid power point and built training courses with educational fun games, and actively make case scenarios the key focal point of the day to keep delegates engaged. When I say practical, you wont be acting out a scenario giving it your best Monty Python sketch, sorry if you were looking forward to that! but you will be working with each other in small groups to complete an asset register, DPIA or assessing risk of information, or how to manage a data breach, SAR or FOI request. We have built a range of short videos to mix up the day, which also includes some humour so you will also have fun, and might even manage to share a smile.  Several clients have told us that it was a ''Great interactive day''.
I work on the principle that if your learning whilst having fun, you learn, rather than sitting in your chair getting a numb bum, waiting for the clock to hit the coffee break, and walking away at the end of the day learning only a small portion of the course content. Some may say, that's OK they have been trained that box is ticked, but we want all our clients to learn and value attending the course.
I also believe that trainers are so important to enhance your day, our trainers will not be quoting articles, but will help you work through the data protection requirements in a practical way to ensure you remain compliant. They also want to have a good day so interact with them, as training is as tiring for the trainer as it is for the delegates. You can never ask too many questions! Remember you get out what you put in! Our trainers are from health and social care backgrounds, so they have the practical examples and pragmatic advice. We also have an accredited Police detective that covers our anti bribery and internal investigations courses, so we are well covered with practical experience.
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Jacqueline StockwellJacqueline Stockwell

Jacqueline Stockwell

Jacqueline is highly qualified with an MSC in Healthcare Management, BA Hons in Business Management, and holds a BSC Certificate in Freedom of Information and a Data Protection qualification.