Virtual training environment

Virtual Training Course

Leadership Through Data is now offering limited Virtual Training courses. 

The Virtual courses are like nothing we’ve seen by our competitors. This isn’t a recorded video, a podcast or a webinar. You will be able to see your trainer and fellow delegates as you would in a meeting room and talk to them live.
How does this work?

Prior to the course we will post your workbook to you which you will need with you on the day of training.

On the day of your course you will log in to the virtual training room, where you will be joined by the trainer and other delegates. 

You will get regular breaks and a lunch break, and be able to talk with the trainer and delegates throughout the session like you would do in our external courses.

What’s the difference from a Public Course?

Not a lot other than your trainer and fellow delegates will be on your computer screen rather than in person, and you will also need to provide your own refreshments and lunch. 
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What will I need?

A laptop, a quiet room, a set of earphones, an internet connection, your mailed LTD workbook, a lunch and several cuppas.

You will log on to your laptop as normal and connect to your internet. You will not open your work email or be responding to anything work related so you need to block your diary out like you would if you weren’t in the office. If you can work from home the day of the training to save any distractions that would be great.

Client Testimonials 

The video call worked really well. I didn’t feel as though anything was lost with the trainer not being physically in the room – we were given the same opportunities to ask questions and to complete the tasks given. Data Protection Officer. 
I really enjoyed the course as a video call, I thought it worked really well and provided what I needed it to and more. Information Governance Officer.

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Jacqueline StockwellJacqueline Stockwell

Jacqueline Stockwell

Jacqueline is highly qualified with an MSC in Healthcare Management, BA Hons in Business Management, and holds a BSC Certificate in Freedom of Information and a Data Protection qualification.