Welcome to Graham Snow

We are pleased to announce Graham Snow as a new trainer, who will be support the Records Management and Information Asset Management courses.

Graham Snow has jokingly taken to calling himself an Information Shepherd. With a diverse career in Information Management Consultancy, Data Architecture, and as a former local authority Records Manager, it’s easy to see why he’s trying to keep it light. 

Graham started his career in IT, building systems and training users. It’s here that he developed a passion for communicating technical and specialist ideas in an accessible and fun way. He loves to teach and engage people in subjects they may never before have found exciting. This carries over into his passion for regularly presenting at conferences and events, and to teaching coding to kids of all ages. He has extensive experience delivering Records Management projects and strategy to central government, local government, NGOs and the police, before finding a home in the higher education sector at the University of Hertfordshire. 

Graham has 15 years of experience in EDRM systems (including OpenText, TRIM and SharePoint), and in helping organisations to move Records Management forwards in practical ways, especially under difficult circumstances. He specialises in developing Information Asset Registers and Retention Schedules, as well as scanning and digitisation projects.


Jacqueline StockwellJacqueline Stockwell

Jacqueline Stockwell

Jacqueline is highly qualified with an MSC in Healthcare Management, BA Hons in Business Management, and holds a BSC Certificate in Freedom of Information and a Data Protection qualification.